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Cyprus Tourism Organisation (HQ)

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The following map shows some of the major archaeological sites in Cyprus:


Kition, Larnaca
Salamis, 6km north of Famagusta
The Mosque of Umm Haram, Larnaca
The Kourion Ancient Theatre, Limassol
Cyprus’ 10,000 year old history has brought up innumerable finds over the years, so much so that it is said if you scratch the soil anywhere on the island you are bound to unearth a relic from the past!

All the island’s main cities have an archaeological museum to house the regional findings, with pride of place taken by the main archaeological museum in the capital, Lefkosia.


Agios Lazaros Byzantine Museum

Exhibits significant religious icons, artefacts and relics.


Larnaka District Archaeological Museum

Exhibits from the main archaeological sites of the area.


Larnaka Municipal Museum of Natural History

Larnaka collection of the flora and fauna of the island.


Larnaka Town Museum

Exhibits of the long history of the town.


Pierides - Tornaritis Palaeontology Museum

Houses a unique collection of fossils.


The Pierides Foundation Archaeological Museum

A rich cultural collection.


The South and Eastern areas of Cyprus have the most beautiful clear turquoise seas in the Mediterranean. There are many wonderful beaches to choose from and most of the popular ones have a multitude of facilities, plus the latest water sports. The southeast coast of Cyprus is actually considered to be the better location for beaches in the whole of Cyprus.

Pernera Beach
Pernera beach has been awarded with the Blue Flag for its clean and safe waters. You will find all kinds of watersport facilities such as wind-surfing, water skiing, para sailing, canoe and paddle boats as well as speed boat rentals. The sandy coves around Pernera and Karas beaches are perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving and safe for children due to the shallow waters.
Fig Tree Bay
Fig Tree Bay in Protaras is a very popular beach of exceptional beauty. The deep blue colour of the sea water together with the evergreen inland make a fantastic picture. This spot is ideal for all kinds of sea sports. It is visited by thousands of people and the location is full of restaurants, cafes and other shops. It is 16km from Ayia Napa.

Konnos Beach
Pine woods cover the steep slopes behind this wonderful cove. It has beautiful clear turquoise water and a sandy beach. There are water sport facilities inc: diving, towed parachute, fishing and rowing. At Konnos beach, you can hire sun loungers and parasols and there is a restaurant/bar where you can buy drinks and snacks. It’s a short drive along the coast road from Kapparis/Pernera, past Protaras towards Ayia Napa.

On the westerly outskirts of Larnaca, the beaches are inclined to be less commercialised and considerably more natural in their appearance and much quieter than the more popular beaches such as McKenzie and Ladies Mile. The nearest beach to our Anafotida property is Mazotos beach, but there are various beaches all along the stretch of coast line that runs from Larnaca to Limassol.

Mazotos Beach
Mazotos Beach
Mazotos beach is about a 5-10 minute (max) drive away from our Anafotida property. It is very close to the Camel Park so a combined trip is possible. The beach is a mix of sand and pebbles and is great for sunbathing, jogging or a nice long walk along the pathways that run along the coastline. You see fishermen and lots of walkers here enjoying the sun and cooling breeze off the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean.
Pervolia Beach
Pervolia Beach
Pervolia is located about 17km from the centre of Larnaca and next to Kiti which is about 10 minutes from the Anafotida property. Pervolia is famous for its 4km long attractive, unspoilt beach with crystal clear water. The beaches around Pervolia are ideal for families with young children with their gradual incline into the sea and the beautiful clear water.
McKenzie Beach
McKenzie Beach
McKenzie Beach (also spelt Mackenzie) is on the outskirts of central Larnaca and close to both the top hotels and the airport. McKenzie Beach is a stunning expanse of white sand and features a convenient car park. This is a good spot to enjoy an afternoon of scuba diving and is renowned for its plentiful seafood restaurants.
Ladies Mile
Ladies Mile
Not far from Limassol, this 4 mile long stretch of all but deserted sandy beach is popular with service personnel from the nearby British base. No permanent development has taken place because it remains the property of the British Ministry of Defence. Café’s on the beach provide hot meals, snacks and refreshments during the day. Frequent strong winds in this area make waters an excellent place for windsurfing, dune-buggying. The barely sloping tidal flats are also great for jogging.
Governor's Beach
Governor's Beach
Governor's Beach is located midway between Larnaca and Limassol. Despite the singular name, Governor’s Beach consists of several coves of fine dark sand, contrasting dramatically with the low, chalk cliffs which back them. The beaches fill quickly at week-ends and each cove is lorded over by spruced-up tavernas, each having manicured lawn-gardens sloping down to the sand, with steps or a ramp for access. Convenient, safe bathing and good parking facilities and a choice of eight tavernas each offering a range of reasonably priced meals including fresh fish from the ‘catch of the day’.